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Originally established as a center of study for all
types of subjects by world-wide teachers.

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You can do your own education without doing any marketing on this platform, Edukationem will market your videos and you will be able to make a good income here.

Daily live classes

Chat with educators, ask questions, answer live polls, and get your doubts cleared - all while the class is going on

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Learning isn't just limited to classes with our practice section, mock tests and lecture notes shared as PDFs for your revision

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One subscription gets you access to all our live and recorded classes to watch from the comfort of any of your devices

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Edukationem, Online Study Platform

The educkationem is originally established as the Centre of all types of study of subjects by the world wide teachers who interested to teach their subject. Thus the edukationem is beneficial for both teachers and students at a place.

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Videos that help you visualize each concept, making it easier to understand. Clearer concepts lead to higher scores!

Personalized Learning Journeys

Every student has a Knowledge Graph based on their learning need & speed. This links different concepts and helps students identify their strengths & areas for improvement.

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